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Firsthand Journal: Week 4

Firsthand Journal: Week 4 Tool: Community We believe that one of the main things we were created for is relationships.  In Genesis 2 the first thing “wrong” with God’s perfect creation is that Adam is alone.  He then creates Eve for the first relationship.  Over and over again in scripture we see that faith is […]

Firsthand Journal: Week 3

Firsthand Journal: Week 3 Tool: Bible God’s word, the Bible, is a tool that God has given us to be in a firsthand relationship with us.  Through it, he has chosen to reveal himself; how much he loves us and what his plan for life is.  In order for it to be an effective firsthand […]

Frog Dissection.

For the record, I have a bucket of dead frogs in my classroom. (Don’t worry, they are preserved in formaldehyde.) I took the option to “find another teacher to do this activity while you babysit her kids in exchange. I know that this is a great activity for the students – real life learning that […]

Upcoming Events


Annual Voters Meeting

November 16, 2014

Key items at this voters meeting include: a budget for 2015 and nominations for the Board of Directors. Please check back around mid October for more detailed information.


Thanksgiving Worship And Dinner

November 26, 2014
Dinner starts at 6:30.

A night of Thanksgiving and Fellowship. Bring your family, bring a friend or bring someone that you barely know but might need a meal.


Advent Extravaganza

December 5, 2014

The advent extravaganza is a family event for anyone that wishes to come. What do we do? Well the list is long, but we do crafts, make ornaments to give away, share a meal, participate in a devotion and sing some carols. What’s it all about? It’s about Jesus and sharing the love that he showed to us!


Wee Care Christmas Program

December 15, 2014

Come celebrate the birth of Jesus with the smiles and joy of a bunch of awesome kids.

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