It’s really captivated my attention for the last two months.  I keep trying to think deeply about other things, keep wanting to teach on something else, keep trying to find new material but I can’t.  This prayer has captured my heart and my mind and I keep coming back to it.  The prayer is a prayer of David, towards the end of his life, recorded in 1 Chronicles 29.

The context is simple.  David wanted to build the temple.  God said “no”.  David obeyed but boy, he did everything in his power to get everything ready.  He picked the location. He had the plans drawn up.  He asked to people to give resources.  They gave.  And now, in 1 Chronicles 29:10-19, he prays.  He prays a prayer of thanks to God.

Now, it’s a little lengthy to include in this post.  But I wanted to highlight a few things that stand out to me.

In a broad, over-all topic kind of way. I love the three main things that David focuses on in this prayer.

  • He focuses on God (v.10-13).  Who is he?  What does he do?  What is he capable of?  It’s good to be reminded of such things.
  • He focuses on people (v14-17).  Who are we?  What do we do?  What are we capable of? It’s good to be reminded of such things.
  • He focuses on the next generation (v.18-19).  This may be my favorite part of the prayer.  It’s good to renew this focus in my heart.

In a more detailed, nitty gritty kind of way these verses stand out to me:

  • v.11 “Everything in heaven and on earth belongs to you.”  That’s a lot of stuff.  That means, all of that stuff, that belongs to him, doesn’t belong to me.  Jesus, remind me that everything I have is a gift from you.
  • v.12 “You have the power and strength to make anyone great and strong.”  As a man of God after God’s heart, this is something my soul deeply desires.  Jesus, make me great and strong.
  • v.15 “Our time on earth is like a shadow.”  All to short.  Jesus, help me to use my time wisely.  To be part of your days, which are far more significant and eternal.
  • v.18 “Please help your people to want to serve you always. And help them to want to obey you always.” Amen. Amen!
  • v.19 “Give my son Solomon a strong desire to serve you.”  Jesus, please help my sons to love you and grow in relationship with you.  Please help us at Resurrection know how to reach the next generation.

Consider one (or more) of these options:

(Ranked in order of what I think is  easiest to hardest)

1) Read the prayer.

2) Tell someone else which verses stand out to you and why.

3) Pray the prayer, use your own words and circumstances but David’s ideas.

4) Consider financial gifts.  Letting go of money helps remind us that it’s not ours.  Give it Houston Harvey relief.  Give it to Resurrection.  Give it to some other cause that advances the gospel.

5) Consider a regular heart conversation time with someone in the generation behind you.  Share your life and are your wisdom with them.