by davidprill1

Independent? As a nation? Yes. As a disciple? Well… read this.

Overthinking, Overthinking

by Kristen Kocsis

Devotional thought for 7/2 by Kristen Kocsis One of my favorite bands growing up was called Relient K. They had one song that started out with this line “I was thinking, over thinking, cause there’s just too many scenarios.” Man if that doesn’t sum up my brain, I don’t know what does. I get stuck […]

Sin is Crouching

by davidprill1

Where to look when sin is crouching at the door, like a beast. Devotional thought from Kristen.

I Will Wait

by davidprill1

Celebrating the amazing patience of our God! Devotional thought from Pastor Dave.

Ask for Help

by davidprill1

Sometimes we need to pull over and ask for help. Brittany reminds us of a God who is ALWAYS willing to help.


by davidprill1

Jesus is SOO good at getting us unstuck.
Devotional thought from Pastor Dave.

Little Obedience

by davidprill1

Do you ever wish you could do “something big” in the kingdom of God? Did you ever think that God might just want you to do something small?