This is a “business update” for friends and family of Resurrection Ministries. That includes a lot more people that it did just a month ago.  It includes people in Arizona, Wisconsin, Indiana, Texas and other states.

A ministry update was previously published on 4/18.  Click here to read it. 

We have had to make many difficult decisions over the last month and a half.  Many more are still to come.  The decision have been made with our eyes on Jesus, on people and their needs and on our vision of connecting people to Jesus. 

What do we know?

  • The gospel!  That Jesus has been, is and always will be great, glorious, good and gracious.
  • Our vision and values remain unchanged.  We are still trying to connect people to Jesus like they have never been connected before.  We are still doing that through relationships.
  • Our ministry remains very active and we continue to try and make things accessible.
  • Our Rez family and Wee Care community is incredibly generous – we are celebrating!!
  • People that might not ever step into church are being connected to Jesus through our online worship platform.

On the business side of things, we know that:

  • we have stopped/deferred payments on almost every single bill.
  • LCEF gave us a deferred 3 month period during this time.
  • Wee-Care remains closed indefinitely.
  • we are not collecting or charging tuition for Wee-Care families.
  • that the building is shut down to cut down costs as much as we can. 
  • people are being paid for the hours that they are working.
  • The majority of our staff are not working.
  • Benefits have been suspended for the majority of the staff.

What don’t we know?

We don’t know how long the Shelter in Place will last and therefore when Wee Care will be able to open or church begin to gather at 1275 Fairview.

We also don’t know the status of our application for the Paycheck Protection Program.

What’s the business plan moving forward?

  • Continue with the above procedures.
  • Explore other funding options such as a line of credit through LCEF or an “employment retention credit” through our payroll company. 
  • Continue to ask for generous, over-and-above financial support.

Who should you contact?

Can you support us financially?

Many of you still have at least one working individual in the house.  Some of us are receiving tax refunds.  Everybody should be receiving a stimulus check?  Would you please prayerfully consider giving a portion or all of that to Resurrection.  We are doing are best to pay people for their work and financially support people not working as they have need (and we are checking on that often!)

In the first weeks, we set out to raise $100K.  We are about 80% of the way to that goal (difficult to be accurate as some check have been slow to come in).  The generosity of our Rez Family and Wee Care community blows me away.

Can you please continue to support our ministry with your regular financial gifts and your over-and-above dollars, if you are able?

We also greatly value your prayers over our future.

There are three ways to give:

  1. Website:
  2. Venmo: Search for “Adrienne Lough@Resurrection-Weecare
  3. Check: PO BOX 1123, Brentwood, CA. 94513