I recently asked some leaders and some men I disciple to celebrate.  Celebrate a characteristic or attribute of God!  What about God could they celebrate? The list is full of joy and power:

His faithfulness.

His power over Satan.

His provision.

His ever-presence.

His leadership.

His way of communicating.

His all-mightiness.

His power.

His unconditional forgiveness.

His empowering nature.

His holiness.

Incredible!  Behind each thing is a story.  A story of God moving.  A story of God at work.  Behind several of those stories there were tears of joy.

And to think that the list is actually pretty short.  We could be here all day.  Sharing what is praise worthy about our God.  Sharing the stories of his movement and power.

Please do this:

Have a “celebration conversation” with someone.  Tell them you want to celebrate something about God and his work.  Then do it.  Name it.  Tell the story. Celebrate (Cry from joy if needed)!