Resurrection has three primary ways of mass communications.

  • Bulletin
  • ENews
  • Eblast

As of October 1st, we will be changing the way that we send our eblast (and our prayer) communications. We will be using our church management software to send these communications.

Our current list is quite long and we think it is a bit out of date, so we are asking everybody that wishes to receive eblast or prayer communications from us to sign up. You can sign up by using this link or signing up in person on Sunday morning.

Eblast communications vary in frequency but typically these include the latest and most up to date information from us. There is usually 1 or 2 of these every week. Occasionally there are more.

Prayer communications also vary in frequency. There will be at least one weekly as we send out the prayers that were gathered on Sunday morning. There may also be several more as people submit different concerns, needs or praises.

You must sign up for each communication individually as you desire to receive it.