Jay Ashcraft, our Director of Outreach, will be working with us in a different capacity into the future. He and I have been discussing this transition for a little over a month and are looking forward to a scaled back but continuing relationship.

Besides working with us Jay is also the pastor of Lighthouse Baptist in Brentwood. And he is an area leader in the T4T movement. These two other responsibilities continue to be more and more demanding of his time. He is unable to continue to be pulled in so many different directions and still be effective.

We will continue to work with Jay but in a decreased capacity. He will occasionally come and lead gospel conversation training. He will also help us to organize mission trip opportunities and the stroller ministry that many of you are participating in. This work will be compensated project by project.

It has been a great pleasure working with Jay. He has a tremendous passion for sharing the gospel message. This passion has infected myself and a few other people in our congregation. He has helped us consider what better follow up looks like. He has also helped our prayer team continue to advance their ministry and started the stoller ministry among us. His ongoing counsel will be missed and we are thankful for who he is and his work among us.

Jay’s final day with us will be August 15th.

There are no immediate plans for the Director of Outreach position. This will be a conversation that begins soon. Right now, we are open to your thoughts regarding the position and the transition.

Pastor Dave.