Seeing God’s purpose for and work through in the places we live, work and play.

It’s easy for us to feel that our witness and mission efforts are not bearing any fruit at all. If that’s you – don’t give up. We’ve been there and right now we are experiencing faith based conversations and wide open doors to serve.  Keep being faith and planting the seeds, God will bring about good fruit!

Having a greater awareness of our people of peace.

We’ve seen more intentional conversations and relationships happening because we have been praying and looking for people of peace in our lives.

The start of two discipleship huddles in February.

In short, a discipleship huddle is a group of 3-5 people that are interested in intimate conversation about following Jesus, being changed by Jesus and being on mission with Jesus.  From our experience it is the most helpful space at considering what and how Jesus might be desiring to change.

Disconnects that are re-connecting!

People that have been disconnected from a church are connecting to a faith community.  For this, we celebrate!

Collaborative and together spirit of the church retreat!

We did not get lost in minutia or competitive spirits.  Instead we celebrated God’s work in us and considered His work through us!