Luke 6:12-19

If you’ve been around Resurrection much lately you’ve probably heard about how Jesus has three types of relationships.

He had a relationship with God the Father.

He goes UP a mountain to pray.  He prays all night.  He wants to connect.  He wants to receive guidance.  He wants to hear the Father’s voice.

He had a relationship with His disciples.

He chose 12 of them to have a close, personal relationship with him. To do life with him so that they could be changed by Him and join Him on his mission.

He also had a relationship with the crowds.

That’s where I want to land today.  The crowds are not disciples.  They are interested but it’s mostly about them getting something from Jesus. They might have said “He can guide me.”  “He can heal me.” “He can drive away demons.”  It’s mostly about that.

But there are three words that catch my attention in this “crowd” section.  “He came down.”  Jesus, with His disciples, came down.  He came down the mountain to the people.  He got on their level.  He went to where they were.

He didn’t make them climb.  He didn’t say, “Here I am.  If you want me and what I can do, come and get me.”  No! Jesus came down.

And then, he did what they expected. He spoke words of guidance and encouragment.  He healed them.  He drove out demons.  They went away happy.

Here’s the point:

Summer time is a great opportunity to re-establish a balanced rhythm. (Chances are that life has gotten away from you and you need a reset.) So, as you are thinking about summer, what does it look like to

  1. Reconnect and connect regularly with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit?
  2. Continue and deepen relationships with other disciples?
  3. Climb down the mountain and be the presence of Jesus to hurting people?

Inviting them to church is a great idea (VBS Sunday is different and fun.  I’m confident our 1 Peter series is going to be great! And – I’m pretty excited about THIS Sunday’s sermon). But – inviting them to church is like asking them to climb the mountain.  Inviting them to church is not the only and not the best way to connect them to Jesus. Let’s climbing down the mountain this summer.  Get around where they are.  Love them and speak the story of Jesus. What an incredible 6 weeks (about 6 weeks – goes so fast) it could be!

Talk about it with your family and another family you enjoy hanging out with.