Hello Rez Family,

We are praising God and giving thanks for our blessings! We have wrapped up the 2017 fiscal year and finances.

Originally we planned for a deficit in 2017. God so richly blessed us with $13,690.26. We did not need to transfer any dollars from our balance sheet designated reserves as originally planned.

2 offerings were given at the end of 2017 which were specifically designated for 2018 tithe. Those monies are placed into our designated reserves and are set to transfer monthly throughout 2018.

$6,707.85 is accounted for as one time special donation for the end of the year. This is not income which was given. This is money which was not cashed at the end of 2016 or double data entries which were deducted on our ledger.

The $13,690.26 profit is currently being placed into our designated reserves. Our Board of Directors will be voting on 2/5/18 on which reserve accounts and what ministry we will make a tithe too.

Full reports will be posted on line at the start of next week.

As we move forward in ministry for 2018 we ask you to consider the following:

  1. Pray. Pray for our Rez family. Pray as we go out and make disciples. Pray for our financial well being. Pray for your one on one relationship with Jesus. Give thanks!
  2. Our 2018 was passed with a projected short fall of $85K with plans to use funds from designated reserves.
  3. 2018 offering income was budgeted with a projected (asked) 4% giving increase from our congregation. Please prayerfully consider a 4% increase in your giving. Not only does this help with growing our ministry, but also our offerings are a part of our regular devotion with our Savior.
  4. Online giving. We are really hoping to increase this type of giving. It is the easiest for us to record and allows us to be more certain about dollars coming in.

Galatians 5:5

“But we who live by the spirit eagerly wait to receive everything promised to us who are right with God through faith.”