Ash Wednesday is a special day.

To be clear, it’s a man-made day.  There is no mandate in scripture to practice this ceremony.  We have however found it helpful to reflect on our own sin and rejoice in his forgiveness. This is an excellent way to start the church season of Lent.

There will be two ways to worship on Ash Wednesday.

  1. Engage at home.  We will be recording ahead of time so that you are able to worship right at home if that is most comfortable for you. On Wednesday the 17th, we will be email a link for you to view the worship. We will also post it to Facebook at 6:30 PM on the same day.
  2. Join us in the parking lot.  At 6:30 PM on Wednesday, the 17th, you’ll be able to join us in the parking lot for live worship.  We will be using radio technology, so you’ll be able to stay in your car most of the time. We would encourage you to step out when the ashes are applied. We expect the outdoor worship to take about 60 minutes.

Procedure to receive ashes

With COVID 19  we will be handling the ashes a bit different.

  1. If you choose to view at home we encourage you to consider a non permanent marker and you’ll be encouraged to draw a cross on your forehead or on the back of your hand. If, however you would like ashes and don’t have access to any, we have some volunteers that are willing to drop off a very small cup of ashes at your doorstep.  The ashes will be placed in these cups on Monday before ash Wednesday and the person doing so will be wearing mask and gloves. Please sign up to let us know that you would like ashes delivered.  CLICK HERE to sign up.
  2. If you join us in the parking lot, an individual wearing mask and gloves will bring your car a small cup of ashes. You’ll be encouraged to put ashes on yourself and those who came with you.  Pastor Dave will provide instructions for just how to do that.  If you come by yourself and you are uncomfortable applying your own ashes, we have purchased long QTips and Pastor Dave will come to you and apply the ashes using a QTip.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Pastor Dave at