Livestream @ 5:00PM.  This will be a slightly different worship order but mostly just like our “regular” Livestream.  There will be questions to engage with, music to sing to and a message to reflect on.  We will be singing “silent night” so we encourage you to have your own candles ready.

CLICK HERE to access the worship on zoom

CLICK HERE to access the worship on Facebook Live


Parking Lot @ 7:30 PM.  This will be a repeat of the Livestream with the major difference of being in person.  You’ll be able to stay mostly warm in your car using our radio technology. We will also have the front of the church building slightly decorated to enhance our time together.

Print off the words for the music before you come: Christmas Eve Lyrics

NOTE: We will be singing silent night so we encourage you to bring your own candles. If you are comfortable, a masked person will come and light your candle. Or you are free to light your own.  ALSO, we do have about 100 candles ready to distribute.  They were placed in a bag two weeks ago, so they have been quarantined and are safe.