We value, we love, we cherish community. Community has been hard to come by in 2020.

This year we want to enhance our community connections with some caroling.

What do we need? In short: YOU! In detail: willing people or families to go and sing carols at houses.  You’ll need to transport yourself and we will give you 2-5 houses to go and spread some Jesus Christmas Joy. You don’t need to be great at singing  (we will provide a playlist that you can simply sing along to if you want/need).  You don’t need to do anything fancy.  Just plan on 1 hour to go and sing!

Note: if you are an individual, we can partner you with other individuals. You’ll drive separate and stand far enough apart to keep everything safe. AND you’ll be a HUGE blessing to our community!

When will this happen? December 20th, anywhere from 2-7 PM.  Whatever timing works best for you!

How can you let us know? Text Pastor Dave (925-354-6934) or Kristen (334-791-0995) if interested. OR email rezministry@outlook.com.