Jesus had three types of relationships. A relationship with his Father (UP), a relationship with His disciples (IN), a relationship with people that were distant from God (OUT).  This summer will have two Sundays entirely devoted to UP – two   Sundays entirely devoted to UP and IN – and two Sundays entirely devoted to UP and OUT.

Today is an “OUT” opportunity. This is still being determined, so we can’t say to much definitively yet. BUT we recognize that everyone has different levels of comfort.  Some of the “OUT” opportunities will include things like prayer walking and community watching (for those who want to get their feet wet).  Other opportunities will include service type projects for area non-profits or residents (for those that are handy).  And still other opportunities will include being able to connect with others and have conversation with them.  We’ve got some great opportunities in the works and we are excited to see Jesus work through us.  Single worship time at 9:30 am.