Logistics of the meeting (Including the two agenda items): Voters Meeting. Explanation

2021 Budget Proposal: 2021 Budget Proposal.

NOTE: To view the 2020 Financial Report through October. CLICK HERE.

To view the current Balance Sheet (as of November 29th): CLICK HERE

2021 Budget Proposal Notes 2021 Budget notes

Board Of Directors Nominations (BIO’s)

Leaving the Board is Justin Miller, Matt Lorenz, and Shawn Beddingfield.  Accepting nominations are Justin Millier, Tim Coley, and Patti Ryland.

Pastor Advisory Committee Nominations (PAC BIO’S)

Leaving the PAC is Gladys Petroff and Debbie Deeble. Accepting nominations are Debbie Deeble, Jim Engle, and Brian Dunbar.