The “gathering place”

We have been moving forward on a building project for the “gathering place”. Of course, it isn’t so much a building project as a finish-our-building project. This movement has been a little quiet and behind the scenes so we wanted to get everyone up to speed.

What is the “gathering place”?

Well, it’s a place where people can gather. On Sunday mornings you see black curtains and then a wall. On the other side of that wall is an unfinished room. Our plan is to turn that unfinished space into three areas of storage and one large multi-purpose gathering place.

The large space will have some kitchen elements where food can be warmed up for some of our gatherings or even for staff that work in the building on a daily basis. It will also provide another space for meetings.

We have been working on this and planning it for quite some time. We currently have about half of the needed funds available. We anticipate that we will be able to start construction with these funds by September.

When construction is started we will also launch a capital campaign to raise the second half of the dollars needed.

There will be plenty of more information about this to come. For now we simply wanted to give a heads up that this project is coming and it’s coming soon.

We are excited for this work to be done among us.