God is great!

Boy – don’t we need to be reminded of that sometimes?!?

  • When it seems like everything is going wrong.
  • When it seems like everything is against you.
  • When the schedule demands leave little to no margin in life.

Boy, we need to be reminded.

Habakkuk 3 – of all places – served as just such a reminder for me this past week.

Verses 3-6 start out a little weird.  A little creepy (if we are honest). The writer is trying to put into words things that cannot really be described.

  • The greatness of God covers the heavens.
  • God is like a bright light.
  • Light is coming out of his hands.
  • Sickness goes before him as he moves.
    Fever follows him.
  • The Lord stands up and the entire earth shakes.
  • Mountains, which stood for ages, break into pieces.
  • Old hills fall down.

Verses 7-12 don’t help much.  They paint the picture of a God who is VERY powerful.  A God who is VERY big.  A God who is VERY great! And – he is on a war path!

  • He uncovers his bow and many arrows are brought to him.
  • He divides the earth  with rivers.
  • When he shoots his arrows and shows his spear the sun and moon stand still.
  • He marches on the earth.
  • He punishes nations.

And then –  v. 13 breaks in – and reframes the whole chapter.  And reframes our view of God. Reframes our hope.  Our worry. Our struggle.

You came to save your people.
    You came to save your chosen one.

All that power.  All that greatness.  All that might and impressive display?  It’s for you.  God is on your side and he longs to help you.  He comes and uses his power and might to save you.  He comes and flashes all that impressive greatness so that your enemy would flee before the battle ever starts.  So that your hope could be restored!

Thank you Jesus for coming to save me! Thank you for making me one of your chosen kids.  Thank you for your greatness.  It gives me hope in the face of my distress. Come, Lord Jesus! Come!  Amen!