Sometimes it feels like no one is listening.  

In my house.  It feels like no one is listening.  Three boys.  A wife.  The boys are just happily doing what they are doing.  Two of them hear me (I think) but choose to ignore me and just keep right on going. 

Example: “Turn to turn that screen off.” (repeat at least 3x)

One of them (I think) is truly so focused and enjoying whatever he is doing that I don’t think he hears me.

Example: “Put the book down please it’s time to brush teeth.” (repeat at least 3x, getting louder each time)

Christa is usually so busy trying to solve the latest household brawl or communicating with friends or cleaning up a mess or … 

Anyways… sometimes it feels like no one is listening.

So, when I read 2 Chronicles 6 it really stood out.  The temple is (finally) finished.  They have been waiting for THIS day for years and years.  Longing for it. Planning for it.  Now it’s here and one of the first things they do is … pray.  Solomon prays.

He prays one thing over and over again in slightly different ways: “Hear Me!”  God hear us and respond.


  • Hear me. (v19)
  • Hear the humble requests of me and the people. (v21)
  • Hear from heaven when someone has done wrong and makes a promise to you to make it right.  (v23)
  • Hear from heaven and restore your people.  Bring them back to their land. (v25)
  • Hear from heaven and forgive sins.  Teach us the right path. (v.27)
  • Hear from heaven when your people tell you about their troubles. (v.30)
  • Hear foreigners when they pray and grant them what they ask so that they might know your power and generosity. (v.33)
  • Hear from heaven when your people go into battle.  Uphold their cause. (v35)
  • Hear from heaven when your people turn to you with their hearts (v.39).

Hear and respond.  Over and over again.

I really appreciate what Solomon does here.  He asks – over and over again – for God to hear.  He doesn’t take it for granted.  He doesn’t assume that God will hear.  He is begging to be heard. 

I could use a dose of that in my own prayer life.  Instead of assuming that God will hear, asking him to hear.  Beg him to hear.  Ask him to hear knowing that there is a lot more at stake than brushing teeth or a room getting cleaned. 

But here is the beautiful part: God responds. He says, “I have heard” and “I will hear.”

I have heard your prayer” (2 Chronicles 7:12)

“Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.” (7:14)

What incredible promises from Almighty God!

“I hear you.  The first time.  And I’m responding.”

Take some extra and intentional time this week to talk to him.  He’s listening.