What is Jesus inviting you into?  How is he nudging you?

It’s a heart level question.  You have to take some time with it.  Consider. Listen to him.

Maybe he’s been pushing you to reach out to your neighbors.

Or it’s that conversation you need to have with a family member or friend.  You know?  That kind of hard, awkward conversation.

Maybe Jesus has been pushing you to value His word more and spend intentional time with it.

For me? 

Some of my rest rhythms haven’t been very good.  He’s been inviting me to let go of my perceived responsibility and rest.

But I’ve been making excuses.  Some of my excuses seem good.  Some seem downright stupid.

Regardless, I’ve been making excuses.  Avoiding what Jesus has been placing in front of me.

Hold that thought for a minute.

Do you remember the story of Gideon?  Judges 6?

God has already given Gideon an identity that Gideon didn’t know he had.  Someone recently described Gideon as the scrawny, wimpy nerd (no offense too scrawny, wimpy nerds).

God called Gideon the “Strong, Strong man.”  Not wimpy.  Not scrawny.  Strong, Strong man.  It’s a powerful new name.  A powerful new identity.

God has already given Gideon a job, “Go in this might of yours and save Israel from the hand of Midian, do not I send you?”  The Midianites had been horribly horrible to the people of God.  They would come at harvest time and take/steal everything.  The crops, some of the livestock.  Everything.  God says, “Enough already!  Gideon, go get them.  Stop them!”

Gideon’s response?  Questions.  Excuses. Like these:

“If you are with us, why has this happened?”

“My clan is the weakest.”

“I am the least.” 

“Show me a sign.”

Then Gideon makes a bold request and God shows patient grace.

Gideon: “Please do not depart from here until I come to you and bring out my present and set it before you.” In other words: “I’m going to go and get a sacrifice and you can light it on fire if you REALLY are God.”  Bold.  Another excuse.  Another delay.

God responds: “I will stay till you return.”  I’ll wait for you.  Imagine that.  The creator of the universe. The one who has already given a new identity. A power identity. The one who has already given Gideon a mission.

Waits.  Patiently.  Graciously!

I’m so thankful and humbled.

Now, back to that thing that he is inviting you into.  That way that he’s been nudging.  He  expects you to take action.  Take some time and consider.  What IS he inviting me into? And then take action.

But also know this: He is waiting.  Patiently.  Graciously.  Waiting for you to trust him more deeply.  Waiting for you to shift your eyes onto him instead of yourself.  Waiting for you to move, in his power and by his word.

He is ready to speak to you today.  He’s ready to be patient with you, today!  He is ready to help you when you take that first step (and every step thereafter!).  Rejoice!