There have been an awful lot of injury’s in my house lately. Well – ok. There have really only been a couple. 

But over the last nine weeks I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard some version of: “I hurt my leg and I can’t really really bend it so I need you to help me.” This is usually followed by them hopping on one foot. Which is usually followed by a knowing smile my way. And then – minutes later they are “miraculously” healed. Ha! 

This has reminded me about the power of imitation. Information is fine, but it’s difficult to reproduce (multiply, repeat). Information feels a little to much like school. 

Jesus didn’t invite the disciples to come, sit in a classroom and learn lots of stuff. Jesus invited the disciples to learn how to do life. Do life God’s way. They spent day after day together. Hour after hour. 

Did Jesus share information with them? Yes! But it was watching his life that made the real difference, not the information he shared. 

Imitation is fun. It’s also easy. Way easier to reproduce and multiply! 

At Resurrection, and in a lot of churches, we do information just fine and dandy but it’s time for us to grow. Mature. It’s time for us to be looking at imitation. 

For the next several months we will be considering different areas of life and take some imitation inventory. 

We will ask two questions over and over again. Should they? Could they? 

Should they imitate us (in how we spend our money, in how we budget our time, in how often we go to church, in the way we behave towards others). This question will challenge us. Challenge us to consider how we are actually living. Challenge us to consider, how can I become more and more like Jesus? The reality is that people will say they hurt their leg and start hopping on one foot whether you want them to or not. So, let’s make sure that we are giving people good things to imitate.

Could they imitate us? This won’t be as challenging for some – but it will keep relationships as a main thing in front us. Relationships as a priority. Are we opening up our life for others to see – or are we living with strong walls built up? Are we doing life with other people so they can imitate or are we isolating? We have to keep this in front of us – or we will settle for information. 

This will be a challenging journey – but a good one!