Swings have a certain rhythm to them.  Back and forth. Back and forth. Pump your legs, relax. Pump your legs, relax. There is a certain rhythm.  And they a fun.  It’s fun to glide gently on swing. And it’s fun to be way up high and pause for a second before the downward slide.  Swings have a certain, fun rhythm. God, from the very beginning set things up to be in rhythm.  Let’s talk about enjoying that rhythm to the full.

Each Week

Week one (September 27th) – The Rhythm.

Week Two – Rest is essential.

Week Three – Pruning is necessary (and growing is fun!).

Week Four – Work is important.

How to worship?

We livestream every Sunday at 9:30AM.

You can engage on zoom or facebook live.

On October 11th we will also provide a worship opportunity in the parking lot at Rez (1275 Fairview Ave). This worship opportunity will include the Lord’s Supper.