Advent – Begins Sunday Dec 1st

Advent is a special season of the church year. It is a time of holy joy and preparation that emphasizes two comings: the coming of Jesus in Bethlehem and the second coming of Jesus at the end of the world. It’s a chance to intentionally remember and rejoice that we have an amazing God that chooses to come down to us, live, suffer, die and rise again.

December is a fun but busy time.  There are two ways to go about the month. 1?  Just have fun.  Enjoy it.  2? Be intentionally fun.  This takes a little bit of work but be intentional as you have fun and celebrate the season.

As you hang Christmas lights? Make a brief comment about how Jesus is the light of the world.

As you set up or look at nativity scenes point out that Jesus is at the center – he’s the point – of the whole thing.

As you sing songs, spend a little extra time on songs that talk about Jesus.

If your family does “santa” stuff, point out that he brings gifts just like Jesus gave himself to us as a gift.

Do all the stuff you normally do, just try to find one intentional Jesus connection each day.  It will help you and your family keep on track.

If you are looking for things to add, consider: a special devotional book; a lego nativity set that you can hide/reveal a new piece each day; Christmas Kickoff; worship!  All these things are great ways to remain focused on what truly matters this Christmas season.