I could fill your brain with all kinds of information about the word.  Where it originates and how it came to be such a big deal in the church. But you don’t really need to know all of that (at least in my opinion).  If you are curious make google your friend.

In short, lent is a season of the church that lasts 40 days.  It is a special time of preparing our hearts and our minds.  Preparing for what?  For Good Friday (the day that Jesus died) and Easter (the day He rose!). Those are two of the most important days of our lives. It’s important to take some special time to remember, give thanks and be changed by the work of Jesus.

Here’s the deal: we shouldn’t really need a special emphasis should we?  I mean, we should be able to just be focused on Jesus every day.  We should be totally committed to following him.  But – it’s also not bad (in fact I think it’s great!) to have a little special emphasis.  A special time that is set aside and set apart to renew our commitment to Jesus.  To consider – in a fresh way – how his sacrifice changes us.

Please check out one or both of the following pages, it offers several options for how you might renew your focus in the special season.

Ways to practice lent (for the adult).

Have a family?  Consider using google.  Type in: “family ways to celebrate Easter.” OR “Family ways to celebrate Easter; Jesus.”