Last night I told Christa, I don’t even know what to do.

Seriously.  Normally, at this time of year, I would be feverishly planning meetings and prepping Holy Week.  I would probably be getting jealous that I’m working a ton and the family is on break and off on some adventure.

Now?! Well, things are different now.  Really different.

Have you ever been walking down a familiar hallway and suddenly the lights are turned out? Things are much less comfortable than they were a mere second ago.

That’s how I felt last night.  That’s how I felt this morning.

Darkness has a way of changing paths. Without a light our path is uncomfortable.  It might be easy to veer off the path.  We might trip over a branch.  We might encounter a dangerous creature.  There might be potholes waiting to twist our ankle.  

Even if you have walked a path 1,000 times, that path feels very different and uncomfortable without a light.

Thank goodness that God the Father has provided us with his Son, the Word, to light our way.

“Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”  Psalm 119:105

Jesus is with us on this path we are on.  We might not be able to see very far, but he can.  We might not be comfortable with what the next step is, but he already knows where to put your feet.  He is the Word to light our path! 

You might have a few extra minutes: read some of Matthew or Mark or Luke or John.

Spend some time asking Jesus what the next step is.

Enjoy your walk!