My boys are funny and amazing.  It’s amazing how different they are.  And it’s amazing how funny some of their responses can be.

For example: I might say (as I frequently do) “I love you” to each one and each one typically responds differently than the others.

One typically responds like this: “I love you too, dada.”

Another typically responds: “I love myself also.”  (No kidding…it’s been a common response for a long time).

Another usually responds simply by saying, “Oh.”

HAHA.  They make me laugh.  Neither response is really bad.

The first one I mentioned is simply returning the love in a very real, easy for my parental ears to hear.

The second one is simply saying that I have done a good job (at least that’s how I’m choosing to hear it).  He saying he loves himself because he knows he is loved unconditionally which usually has the effect of helping us to love ourselves.

The last response I mentioned might not sound like much, but when it’s accompanied by a smile and sometimes a kiss on the cheek – well, there just isn’t much that’s better than that.

This has all got me thinking:

How am I responding?

I’ve got a heavenly Father who loves me deeply and passionately.

How am I responding to that?

The love of God for me is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.

How am I responding to that?

The love of God for me endures forever!

How am I responding to that love?

God shows the full depth of his by sending his son to die for me, while I was still a sinner.

How am I responding to THAT love?

I would really, really like to offer some concrete suggestions for how you might respond (and I’d be happy to do so in person) but here’s the thing: remember my boys?  If I had to teach them how to respond to “I love you.”  I’d probably only teach them one of the three ways I mentioned above.  BUT there is beauty in each response.

So here’s the facts:

God loves you!! With a deep and passionate love!

His love invites a response!

I hope you can find some joy in discovering what a response looks like for you!