Forgive us our sins

Week of March 25-31

Day 1: Psalm 32:1-2
Share about a time when you experienced Jesus’s forgiveness in a really meaningful way.
Day 2: Psalm 32:3-4
Where do you go when you feel overwhelmed by guilt?
Day 3: Psalm 32:5
So often when someone confesses their guilt to us, we say something like “it’s ok” or “it’s no big deal” and we pass up the opportunity to speak the truth of Jesus’s forgiveness over one another. Practice speaking Jesus’s forgives and grace to each other. (If you need some guidance try this “_( their name)_, Jesus forgives you completely and he loves you and so do I.”)
Day 4: Psalm 32:6-7
What trouble do you need to be protected from today?
Day 5: Psalm 32:8-11
What do these verses have to say about our willingness to follow God?
Day 6: Luke 7:36-43
The Pharisees seem to think this woman is unworthy to come to Jesus – have you ever felt unworthy?
Day 7: Luke 7:44-50
Can anyone ever be too unworthy to come to Jesus?

Week of April 1-7
Day 1: Matthew 18:21-22
Have you ever wondered a question like Peter’s?
Day 2: Matthew 18:23-27
How do you think the servant is feeling after the master lets him go?
Day 3: Matthew 18:28-30
Why might the servant have responded like this?
Day 4: Matthew 18:31-35
Why do you think the master responded the way he did?
Day 5: Psalm 51:1-6
What characteristics about God does David remember as he confesses his sins?
Day 6: Psalm 51:7-12
What do you think it means for God to clean David?
Day 7: Psalm 51:13-19
What does it mean that God will not despise a broken and contrite heart?

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