Medical Release

If you haven’t filled out the Annual Medical Release 2018 (or if you bring a new friend to an event) please have a parent fill out this form and either email it to Kristen at, or bring it with you the next time you come to a BOSS event. Thanks!






Parents’ Night Out  – Jr. High Volunteers Needed! 

Jr. High Students, we need your help! We need volunteers to help watch and play with kids, run games, help with crafts, and share Jesus (Think mini VBS).


Click Here to register a preschool – 5th grader for the Parents’ night out!




                                         JR. High Lock-In 

After the Parents’ Night Out, Jr. High Students will get to stay and have a Jr. High lock -in / All nighter where we’ll stay up late playing games, watching movies, eating junk food, doing devotions, having fun, and sleeping in the gym.


Jr. High Students can come for just the Parents’ Night Out portion, just the lock in, or both (Both would be the most fun!)

Drop off:
4:30 PM – volunteers for Parents’ Night Out
8:00 PM – Lock in only
Pick Up:
9:00 am (Saturday, March 3rd)

Cost:  $5 for Pizza