“Five simple steps to bring your family closer to God and each other.”

  1. Share your highs and lows from the day.
  2. Read a Bible verse or story together. (Need some help with this step? Check out the daily readings for this week.)
  3. Talk about how the Bible verse or story relates to your highs and lows.
  4. Pray for one another.
  5. Bless one another. (Need some help with this step? Check out this list of Blessings from the Bible.)

Faith5 is a helpful tool in building spiritual conversations into your family’s day to day routine. Getting ready in the morning, car rides, meal times, and bed times are all great opportunities for intentional conversations. If moving through the whole Faith5 sequence feels difficult or overwhelming at first, try starting with a manageable step. For example, work on having the highs and lows conversation 3-4 times a week, then build up to every day, then add in additional steps. Another alternative would be to break the sequence up throughout the day. For example, read a Bible verse or story while getting ready in the morning, say a blessing as you send your kids off to school, share highs and lows and talk about how your Bible reading relates on the way home from school or at dinner, and pray before bed.