At BOSSlings this week…

Week of December 10th – 16th

Have you ever had a bad day and then something happened that completely turned everything around? During my first couple of months in California, there were quite a few times I would ride home from work thinking about all of the things I didn’t know how to do and the things I had messed up that day. I felt like I was actively fighting voices in my head loudly telling me that I didn’t fit in here in this new place where it felt like everyone had a family, except me. There were several times, when I would peel myself out of the car, open the front door, and walk in the house. I would expecting everything to be empty and quiet and to continue wrestling with feeling lonely and inadequate… but when I walked in, before I could even put my stuff down, my host family’s nieces and nephew would be at my legs yelling “KRISTEN!” and would all start to tell me about their day all at once. It was like, for a moment, all the stress and loneliness seemed to melt away at the inescapable reminder of the truth that I am loved and wanted, that I belong. To know you’re loved and wanted is good news – good news can change everything.  The good news that I am loved an accepted by a toddler is kind of shaky good news though; it can change very quickly – especially when the naps haven’t gone very well. However, unlike the very inconsistent and finicky affection of a small child, the good news we have in Jesus is steady and dependable, unchanging and powerful. It can change your feelings, but it can also change your reality. Jesus has brought us back into God’s family. We have a place where we belong for forever – regardless of how our current circumstances look. God is not holding our sins against us – no matter how large those sins might feel. Nothing can separate us from God’s love – no matter how far we try to run. Jesus is going to redeem all of creation and make it new again – no matter how desperate it may look. We have great hope and purpose in life. God will never abandon us. He will always provide for us. We don’t have to fear death. The list goes on and on. Where in your life do you need to hear this good news Jesus has to offer and how might it change your reality? Who is someone in your life that needs to hear this Good News? What would it look like in your life look to be a consistent speaker of this good news to the people around you?

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