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Week of  Feb. 11th -17th 

The Lord’s Prayer – “Your Kingdom Come”

Have you ever had an experience where you were frustrated about a situation and how messed up it was, and then later on realized you were a large part of the problem? This happens to me quite a bit. Often I get very overwhelmed by how much brokenness is in our world and then when I realize the part I’m playing in creating more hurt and sometimes it almost leaves me standing like a deer in the headlights – so overwhelmed that I do almost nothing.

That is why I love this part of the Lord’s Prayer. “Your Kingdom Come.” “Jesus, make your way of doing things prevail. Make your kingdom come in my world and in my life, because I’m stuck. Things are too broken and the problems are too big and I don’t know what to do, but you’re powerful and can bring total restoration and newness, so bring your kingdom, your wholeness and healing here.” As Jesus begins his ministry on earth, he announces that the Kingdom of God has come near. Jesus coming to earth to reconcile the world to himself is a picture of God’s Kingdom at it’s fullest – Jesus has made a way for us to be with God and he is going to make everything right again. “Your kingdom come” is both a prayer for God to work in our hearts and in our world to bring healing and redemption right now, and a holding onto the promise that one day, God is going to restore everything to be the way he originally created it to be – without sin, pain, brokenness and without separation from God. Jesus, may your kingdom come in my heart and in my life and in our world.

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