This is a “ministry update” for friends and family of Resurrection Ministries. (A “business update” will be coming next week.) That includes a lot more people that it did just a month ago.  It includes people in Arizona, Wisconsin, Indiana, Texas and other states.

We have done a lot of experimenting over the last month – I’ve told many of you that we are “making this up as we go.”  We hope that our efforts are helping you stay connected to Jesus in this very unique time.

What do we know?

We know the gospel!

  • We know Jesus is great! The greatest of all time. Greater than EVERYTHING else.
  • We know Jesus is glorious. He is worthy of our prayers and praise because of his great works.
  • We know Jesus is gracious. He forgives us and shows us favor that is not earned or deserved.
  • We know Jesus is good. He is giving us things that satisfy us and fill us up.

We know our that Jesus is redeeming this time through his church on earth, which includes us and our mission.  Jesus is using our work to redeem this time.

We know that our vision, values and vehicles are the same.

  • Vision. What are we doing? Connecting people to Jesus like they have never been connected before.  Connecting people to Jesus that will then connect other people to Jesus. Same as always.
  • Values. Why are we doing it? Relationships! Relationships with Jesus, with other disciples and with people that don’t yet know Jesus. Same as always.
  • Vehicles. How are we doing what we are doing? We still “gather” in big ways. Hundreds at a time. We still have small group gatherings. We still have more intimate groups, like families calling each other over dinner and our discipleship huddles.

What don’t we know?

  • We don’t know how long the shelter in place will last (I’m asking our leaders to plan for no mass gatherings as a congregation until August).
  • We don’t know how many people we love will get sick.

I rejoice in how much we know.  From my perspective, we know far more than we don’t.

What’s the ministry plan moving forward

1) Sundays

8:30 AM – Live stream worship. You can watch on zoom or on Facebook live.

10:00 AM – Rez Family Time – Facebook live.

10:30 AM – NEW – Coffee time with Kryssie. If you would like to be part of this time, please contact Kryssie: 925-978-7013.

10:30 AM –  NEW – Kids ministry gathering at 10:30 (every other week). If your kids desire to be part of this kids ministry time, please contact Erin Fish (925-899-3804) or Pastor Dave (925-354-6934).

If you miss the worship live stream – don’t forgot that we are posting the complete recording on this website (

2) Wednesday “Intermission” We will continue to meet Wednesday nights at 6:30. We will plan on 45-60 minutes. These are more interactive than Sunday’s, so make the chat box your friend.

On Wednesdays, we hope that together we can:

  • Be still and remember who our God is and what he does (Psalm 46:10).
  • Gain tools to be able to do the above in day to day life.

These will be accessible via zoom (New!!) or  Facebook live. We will also post the recordings of Intermission on our website (

3) Devotions We will continue to provide written devotions every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  These are posted on our Facebook page and on this webpage.

4) Check-in Calls We will continue to call and check in about once a month – just to check in on you and your family. We call because we care about you!

5) Prayer Requests Please continue to send prayer requests to

6) Youth Group Continues to meet Sunday nights via zoom with occasional other fun activities.  If you want to be connected in with this group, please contact Kristen (334-791-0995).

Who should you contact with questions?

Extra Notes:

  • If you try to access zoom and have had trouble, we would recommend simply entering a different email address at the prompt. This has worked for us. With one email the Internet just spins and never connects. With a different email we got an instant connection.
  • Please know that our Sunday platform is NOT a two-way screen. You will not be physically seen or heard unless I give you permission to be seen and heard.
  • The Rez family time on Sundays does NOT mean a time only for families. It’s a time for anyone connected with Rez to join us. Christa and I sit at our kitchen table, shout out each person as they enter, we answer a key question and then share a brief scripture.