More and more.

If we are really honest it’s what we really desire. Something deep within us craves more and more.

More money.
More time.
More pizza.
More quiet.
More people in our church.
More leisure.
More family.
More summer.

I’d imagine that at least one or two of those apply to you. You can probably think of more (pun intended!)

Jude verse 2 (the whole book is one chapter) offers a profound reframe and refocus of our desire.

Jude chooses none of the above on this multiple choice.

May God give you more and more mercy, peace, and love.

Mercy? Peace? Love?
Well… that’s different.

Again, if I’m honest I don’t often desire more of theses things. I don’t think I’ve ever prayed for these things. But – it makes total sense.

Jude prays that God would give us more and more mercy. Mercy is undeserved, unearned, favor. Undeserved, unearned goodness, kindness. Love. Wow! I need that. I make so many mistakes. I’m so selfish. I so often lack patience. I so often lack gentleness. If God were to run out of mercy (undeserved favor) I would be in big trouble. I need him to show me more and more mercy so that I can show more and more mercy to others. Thank you Jude for your prayer!

He prays that God would give me more and more peace. Peace is the absence of war or fighting but (biblically) it is more than that. It is quietness and stillness but (biblically) it is more than that. Peace is wholeness. Feeling whole. Peace is a feeling of completeness. It’s a big idea and I’m often missing it. On Sunday mornings. With busy schedules. If I haven’t had a date for a while. Goodness. My house is loud….the opposite of what I think when I think peaceful. So, Jude prays that I’d have more and more peace. More and more days of feeling whole and complete. Thank you Jude for your prayer!

Jude prays that God would give me more and more love. Unconditional, unearned love. Boy – we all need that. We all need to show more of that. Thank you Jude for your prayer!

I invite you to do two things with me.
1) The next times you find yourself saying, “I want more….” can you catch yourself and remember Jude’s desires for you.
2) Pray this pray. With Jude. With me. For yourself. For others. Imagine if God actually answered that prayer! WOW!