Sermons from September 2014

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(9/28) Firsthand Faith: Intro. Matthew 14:22-33

Firsthand (Faith) vs Secondhand (Religion)  What is this SERIES all about? This morning we will unpack the difference between firsthand faith and secondhand religion. When something is firsthand it comes directly from the source.  Our text is full of firsthand things, things that I believe we can relate to.  Jesus forces them onto the lake […]

The Engaged Church. I’m Important. Acts 6.


Today’s Scripture: Acts 6:1-6 Along our journey, we’ve talked about the most important job of the church: To be a witness.  We seen how the church began to face obstacles from outside itself in regards to that job.  Today we see that the early church had obstacles within itself as well. Obstacles that threatened to […]

The Engaged Church. What We Pray For. Acts 4.

The disciples pray an unbelievable prayer in this story. They pray for boldness – not to stand up to an opponent but to keep suffering. They pray for boldness – not for the suffering to go away. They pray for boldness – to speak and act when it’s unpopular. My goal this morning is that […]

The Engaged Church. Our Job. Acts 1.

The clearest purpose/function of the church is to be a witness.  Why? Because Jesus tells us directly that it’s our job. A lot of the other things we see in Acts and in our churches are appropriate.  Most of them are helpful.  But they all should feed the ultimate responsibility that Jesus lays on His […]