Sermons from October 2014

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Firsthand Tool: Confession

The covering.  Psalm 32 is full of language about coverings.  In v.1 the person’s sins that are covered by God is blessed.  In v.5 the author chooses not to cover his sins or himself from God’s sight.  In v.7 the author exclaims that God is his hiding place.  This morning is an opportunity to think about […]

Firsthand Tools: Community

Who is on your mat?  Who is carrying yours?  These need to be key questions in our faith journey.  Community is where God shows up consistently.  Community is one of the key things we were created for.  Let’s grow together today.  

Firsthand Tools: Bible

Did you ever have to dissect frogs in school?  You technically had some choices.  You could walk away and take a bad grade.  You could cut it open and look and say, “wow, cool!” or you could cut it open and start poking around.  I’d say that the same three options exist in regards to […]

(10/5) Firsthand Tools. Sit at the Table. Prayer. Isaiah 55.

I  can’t grow in my relationship with my wife if I don’t talk to her.  In fact I probably wouldn’t even have a relationship with her at all.  Furthermore, I can’t expect someone else to talk to my wife for me.  It might work once or twice but eventually I’ll have to do it myself. […]

Benefits Package – Psalm 103:1-5

Dear Friends, Psalm 103 declares: “forget not all his benefits.”  It’s like the author is giving himself a pep talk to remember what truly matters in life.  This morning we will be refreshed by considering our “benefits package.”  Just a few things that should push us to “bless the Lord.”  Oh man, it’s going to be a […]