Sermons from November 2014

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God Loves Wandering People

When Jesus told stories about sheep, and goats, Jesus  was telling people who were confused and wandering through life that Jesus was like a GOOD SHEPHERD who actually loves wandering persons.  

Stand Still

Stand still.  Samuel says it twice in two verses and both times it seems significant.  First he tells us to stand still so that we can remember, so that we can see all that God has done.  Then he tells us to stand still and see what God WILL do.  In the future.  In between, […]

Firsthand Tool: Firsthand Extension

Today is sort of about the end.  It’s the end of our sermon series.  In our story, it’s  nearing the end of Jesus life.  But today is also about a beginning.  Jesus teaches us something that creates and expands and initiates a new chapter in the kingdom of God.  Today we have a chance to […]

Firsthand Tool: Gave A Little

There’s no one verse for it, but it’s a clear biblical principle.  When people give a little God can do a lot! Little David came with himself and 5 stones.  A woman gave her last bit of oil. The disciples were commanded to take nothing.  Nothing.  A little boy came forward with 5 loaves and […]