Sermons from January 2015

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Jonah is a fascinating story.  He’s quite possibly the worst, most disobedient, half hearted, shouldn’t be very effective prophet that we see in scripture.  AND YET, he  finally follows God’s prompting, cry’s out a very pathetic sermon … and an entire city is converted.  Incredible.  We will look at his story in two parts.  First, […]

Firsthand Experience: John The Baptist

If you look at the whole life of John the Baptist he has three different reactions to his experience of Jesus at three different times.  The first reaction comes while he is still in the womb.  He leaps for joy when Mary (carrying unborn Jesus) walks into the room.  The second reaction comes when he […]

Firsthand Experiences: The Magi

The Magi are interesting characters.  Unbelievers.  Gentiles from a faraway land.  And yet, they see God and respond.  They’ve been looking for Him, experience Him and then give elaborately.  They only give (probably) a small portion but they give.  I believe that the magi challenge us in two ways: 1) Are you looking for a […]

Firsthand Experiences: Anna

Anna gets three entire verses in the whole Bible.  But boy is there a lot to learn from her.  First, how seriously devoted she is.  Second, her response to Jesus.  I think most of us don’t measure up to this incredible woman of God but I bet we can all relate a little bit to […]