Sermons from February 2015

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Firsthand Encounter: Water into Wine

If there is such a thing as a “quiet miracle” this is it.  Most of the folks enjoyed the       miracle but no one even knew it had happened.  The few who did know had a simple response: Belief in Jesus as the Son of God.  This morning, let’s use this fun miracle to consider what God is […]

Ash Wednesday Service – “Refreshing Repenting”

Repentance sometimes feels draining.  It’s takes a lot of effort and brutal honesty to wrestle with who we are and how that falls short of God’s standards.  But Acts 3:19-20 does something interesting.  It mentions repentance and refreshment in the same breath.  Interesting.  How does that work?  The broader context gives us some clues.  Repentance […]

Entrance Strategy?

Today we are going to look at Psalm 15 against the story that we read in Mark 9.  Strict requirements vs everyone is welcome. What’s the deal and what are we supposed to do with such a strong and clear tension?  Let’s think it through together.  

Middle Man

Middle men get a bad rap in our world.  If we could do without them we would.  No one wants to pay for a middle man.  And yet, they are usually helpful and there are an awful lot of them.  Deuteronomy 18 seems to describe Moses as a middle man.  A man that stands in […]