Sermons from April 2015

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The Gift

The day of Pentecost – there is so much to talk about on this day!  The trinity.  How the Spirit comes so dramatically.  What it means.  Peter’s sermon.  All the conversions.  Oh man!! Such a great day.  Today we will zoom in on the day of Pentecost as a great gift. There are primarily two […]

Distance Revelation

Sometimes things are hard to see when they are far away.  The closer you get, the  easier it is to see.  This fact is what makes a relationship with God so difficult.  It seems like He is far away and therefore, hard to see.  We have a story today where Jesus is distant and still […]

The Thomas Experience

Thomas has a firsthand experience of the risen Savior!  What an amazing moment for him.  From doubts and questions to grace and physical touch. We often give Thomas a bad rap for his doubt.  Today we can focus on the grace of a Jesus that comes to us to help us.  Give us a firsthand experience of him. Give […]

Problem Solved

Easter morning has such an interesting dynamic.  On the one hand the great problem   solver is nowhere to be found.  He’s dead.  His body is missing.  Chaos, confusion and   conspiracy quickly builds up to a roar.  On the other hand He’s alive and He’s waiting, yearning, longing to be seen.  Known.  Loved.  How often do […]

Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Psalm 22 was written thousands of years before Jesus was even born and yet it depicts the events of this night with amazing and pinpoint accuracy. As we walk through the Psalm our theme can be summarized with just one word: responsibility.  Who’s responsible for the suffering and death of Jesus?  I believe that the […]

On The Brink

John 13 is a story on the brink. The story is about to reach its main point. Its  conclusion. Jesus and the disciples are on the brink of something huge.  Everyone seems to know it. How could they not? What is interesting is how Jesus handles  himself in these “on the brink” moments. His actions […]