Sermons from May 2015

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My Spiritual Journey

Our spiritual journey is a long one.  Lord willing, it is an 80+ year marathon.  A race that long must be viewed as a bunch of smaller, shorter journeys.  And these journey’s all have tools.  Tools that help us along the way.  This morning I hope that you can do three things: 1) Consider where […]

Watch For Him!

I have viewed Paul’s Damascus road experience primarily as the sole-life changing event into his Christian life, however, THERE IS MORE!  Saul (Paul) was a obviously a reflective man.  What did he learn through that experience?  How did it affect his life of Christian leadership as he learned to wait upon the higher authorities timing? […]

What I See?

This sermon has several vignettes. Please be patient between each section. This morning, we read about a lame (can’t walk!) beggar who gets to experience a firsthand extension of Jesus.  PETER extends his hand and says “WALK!” Then Peter says that his hand was actually the hand of JESUS Himself.  We will live in this story […]