Sermons from June 2015

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Tell The Story

Psalm 30 has a lot going on. It’s a psalm of David but could easily be placed in the mouth of Jesus himself.  It speaks about deep trouble in life – maybe even death and resurrection.  What we are going to do is look at what it says about life – it identifies 7 bad […]


Psalm 1 details two paths. The blessed and the un-blessed.  This morning we will detail what being blessed looks like and how we might get on the path of blessing.

The Pits

An old saying goes: “This is the pits.”  It means that something isn’t right.  That we    desire something to change. Nobody WANTS to be in the pits but the mere fact that there is such a phrase indicates that the pits are unfortunately a part of life.  This morning we will consider Psalm 130 in […]

Firsthand Church

Acts 10 is an amazing chapter for missionaries.  A lot of folks think its a chapter about a man named Cornelius.  It’s a really a chapter about Peter.  About the church.  About those of us who are called to be on a mission with Jesus.  This morning we will consider four things about a church […]