Sermons from July 2015

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What Would You Say?

The author sits down to write some praises to God.  He chooses the acrostic form.  So, it’s a little forced but as we go along you get the sense that he needs more letters in the alphabet – that their is no way to possibly describe who God is.  Our task this morning is simple […]

On The Road With Jesus

What was it like to be “on the road” with Jesus? Today’s reading gives us a snapshot of the dynamics of one interesting day. What happened? What can we learn about Jesus? What is it like for us to be on our journey of life with Jesus?  

The Way It Was

Sometimes we have this desire to relive things twice. We have a tendency to want the same gift, the same answer to prayer, the way it was. That’s essentially the prayer of psalm 85. The writer seems to be mourning the loss of something and he’s asking that it be reclaimed. But as he progresses […]