Sermons from August 2015

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Ephesians 6 reveals two jarring truths.  First, we are at war.  Second, the war is NOT against other people. I know…shocking.  But seriously, both truths seem quite easy to forget in our daily, busy lives.  This morning we are going to rub our noses in them to help us remember.


The good news: this is the second of 12 arts to practice in having a spiritual conversation with someone. More good news? It takes no courage. You can do it  without anyone ever knowing. Still more? It unleashes what might be the single most effective evangelism tool. The bad news: we seldom ever use it […]


Psalm 8 reveals an amazing truth. A really big God who is probably really busy and yet he takes the time and energy to notice people. People that are much smaller and much less significant than he. Today we face a challenge that takes no courage: notice someone else. But before we embrace that challenge […]

Great Commission Problem

The Great Commission is a big job. Tell the whole world about Him.  But there are some big problems with Jesus’ great, big commission.  For instance, it makes us uncomfortable and our tactics don’t usually work.  What we need is something simple.  A simple answer that will change the world in a big way.