Sermons from September 2015

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Prayers For The Undecided

Today’s prayer is short.  It’s only about 100 words.  But because of the object lesson that goes along with it – it’s extremely powerful.  It changes a bunch of hearts that had been limping along, undecided about who and what the real God is.

Prayer for the Overwhelmed

Gideon is overwhelmed in Judges 6.  His life has radically and quickly changed.  Big time.  From farmer to commander in chief.  He is overwhelmed.  And he is insecure.  Isn’t that what often happens?  When something really big is in front of us we feel like we aren’t good enough.  God’s got an answer to that […]

Prayer Changes

Jacob, prays a great prayer in Genesis 32.  We will dissect the prayer so that we might pray in a similar way.  And then we will wrestle with the change that God brings about because of the prayer.  It isn’t necessarily the change that Jacob wanted or asked for….

Bring It!

“Bring him to me.”  Four little hope filled words.  Jesus is saying “Bring me your worries. Bring me your failures. Bring me your unsolvable problems. Bring me your     unbelief. Bring me your independence.” So this morning we will talk about and experience what it’s like to bring our everything to Jesus.