Sermons from November 2015

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It Shall Come

It feels like it will never come.  Christmas.  Vacation.  Retirement.  Better days.     Chapter four (after three heavy, largely negative chapters) is a huge infusion of hope.  Things will get better.  Christmas Eve will arrive.  Vacation will happen.   Retirement does exist.  And downward spirals stop.  Let’s learn and hope together this morning.    

For This Reason

Micah 2  & 3 reveal why God is coming and some of the things that he might do when he comes. But a couple of warnings are necessary: the chapters are a little bit of a mash up.  Warnings, promised judgments and the responses of the church with few clear indicators of what you are […]

He Comes Down

In chapter one we see a most amazing truth about our God.  He comes down.  What other God does that? !  When he comes, he comes to crush: crush evil and crush our iniquities under his foot.

Put Your Money Were Your Heart Is

  Most of us are uncomfortable with reality checks. Those are the times when our assumptions and self-perceptions are confronted with the way things really are. We either have to ignore or discount the reality OR we are called to adjust our reality. Jesus gives His disciples and us a reality check. What is going […]

Not Qualified

Luke 10 begins with one of the greatest missionary sending stories in all of scripture.  So powerful.  But when it’s placed within the context of chapter nine, it takes on a different feel.  Especially the first couple of verses.  This morning is a morning filled with grace for all of us who are unqualified and […]