Sermons from March 2016

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Easter Morning – “New”

The people of Isaiah had seen enough brokenness, loss and sin to last several life times.  They needed a breakthrough.  They needed a powerful God who could restore them and their city.  Lucky for them they had just that kind of God.  So do we!! Today is a flat out celebration of a God powerful […]

Easter Sunrise Service – “Remember”

Our two readings take us to an amazing place.  On the one hand Isaiah tells us that we will not remember our past.  Because of the powerful and loving work of God, we will no longer need to remember the dark, difficult days of our past.  And then in the Easter  Gospel reading the disciples […]


Lights. Camera. Action! It’s a phrase, used when something is about to start. When the actors start to act.  When the ball gets rolling.  In a lot of ways that is what Palm  Sunday is all about.  It’s about action.  There is a lot of action going on in today’s story.  Some of it is […]

Better Habits

Ecclesiastes twelve will bring us to the conclusion of Ecclesiastes.   But it is part of a larger context (11:9-12:14).  The preacher talks briefly about two habits.  First,  rejoicing.  Rejoicing whether you are young or old.  Second, removing. Removing  vexation (worry).  We will spend our time together thinking about this last spiritual habit: remembering!  Remembering our […]

Better Community

Just about every study today says that we are more connected (via social media) but feel more alone.  We don’t feel known or loved in a way that satisfies.  We talk about this is as if it’s new but the reality is we are just experiencing a new form of isolation.  How do I know?  […]