Sermons from April 2016

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His Story

Acts 2 is a big day. The Holy Spirit comes in a mighty and dramatic way. Peter stands up to preach. Thousands are converted. Seriously. Thousands! What is interesting is that Peter doesn’t share one story from his own personal encounter of Jesus – he only shares the story of Jesus. Who’s story are you […]

Did It Together

Today we will consider three stories. Stories where Jesus asked people to do things – simple things that ended up making a big difference. Ultimately Jesus invites us to serve with Him so that others can be connected to His love and power. Are we answering that invitation?    

He Did – We Do

Luke 24 all seems to happen on Resurrection Sunday.  Jesus can cram an awful lot into one day!  In our time together we will celebrate a long list of things – nine to be exact – that He does.  We will be challenged by a short list of things – two to be exact – that […]

When The Door Opens……….

In the world of Christian missions, we often talk about looking for “open doors.”  In today’s text, an angel literally opens the door for the disciples (apostles) to walk right out of prison.  However, his statement to them was to go back out and to do the things that had gotten them in prison in […]