Sermons from August 2016

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Store Up

Store up.  Don’t store up.  Jesus has some really challenging words to look at here.  What does it mean to be “laying up” treasures on earth?  How can we avoid that?  And what in the world does it mean to “lay up” treasures in heaven.  We will wrestle with all of that and find peace […]

Pray Then Like This


You’ve probably said it a million times.  Sometimes you might say it without even thinking.  Today, we will slow down.  We’ll say it in a little different way than we’ve heard before.  And we’ll consider how Jesus demonstrates it in the smallest of ways.  What is it?  The Lord’s Prayer.

The Spiritual Life

Matthew 6 is part of the sermon on the mount.  It encourages spiritual habits but has some BIG cautions for us as we engage those spiritual habits.  What is the warning and why do we need to pay attention to it.

Full or Empty?

Psalm 63 is one of the most well known and well loved psalms in scriptures.  Chrysostom  once said it should be read and meditated on every single morning. Let’s take some time this morning to discover what David was up to when he wrote it and what effect it might have on our soul.   […]