Sermons from September 2016

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Reading: Matthew 11:25-12:8 A few things became clear in this reading.  First, Jesus thinks rest is important.  Second, rest looks a little bit different for everyone.  Third (and most importantly), nothing is greater, more important or more capable of refreshing us than Jesus Himself.  Let’s enjoy thinking about and resting in Jesus this morning.  


On the one hand this is a terribly exciting section of scripture.  Just ask?!  Really!  It gives us great hope.  It makes us excited to talk to Jesus.  On the other hand this is a terribly confusing and frustrating section of scripture – because we’ve all had that thing we pray for something and then it never happens.  So – what […]

Do Not Worry

He says it three times. Do not worry.  Right away we know that we are in trouble because worry comes about as easy and natural as breathing.  Super tough.  Luckily,  Jesus puts His arms around us in this text.  He looks us in the eye and He reminds us how much God values us.  How […]