Sermons from October 2016

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Scripture Alone

Reading:  Genesis 3:1-5 & John 30:30-31 It’s a 5,000 year old problem.  It was also one of, if not the biggest, issue in Luther’s reformation. It’s a problem for us still    today.  Doubting, questioning, giving second (at best) authority to scripture in belief and practice.  Oh man – we’ve got a lot of challenge ahead […]

Faith Alone

Reading: Romans 3:21-31 Is the work of Jesus REALLY enough?  Today we will be confronted with a truth: our  salvation can NOT be earned by our good works.  Today will also be a celebration of a truth: our salvation can NOT be earned by our good works.  Confused?  Let’s talk about it and celebrate all […]


Reading:  Matthew 25:14-30 Parables can be kind of fun (and a little scary).  They usually play out a story that is very real and we can see ourselves in the story.  We are challenged.  We are encouraged. We get to learn some things about Jesus.  That is what’s in front of us this morning.  Particularly: […]

Jesus On Money: (Blessing, Curse, Burden?!)

Reading: Matthew 22:15-22 Sorting out the questions on our use of money here are a gateway of understanding for sorting out our relationship with God.  It may seem simple, give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s, but unpacking this leaves to some difficult conundrums and some positions we don’t like.  […]

Sabbath and Us

Reading: Matthew 12:9-14 There are three very unique characters in this little story from Matthew.  We will take a look at each one and how we connect to them.  Of course, we will spend the most time on Jesus and what this story tells us about Him. (Hint: it’s pretty awesome!)