Sermons from January 2017

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Authoritative Word

Reading: Matthew 7:13-29 The crowd is astonished at the words of  Jesus.  Every pastors dream! The word of   Jesus is the ultimate authority.  First question – why?  Second question – how do we make his word the authority of our lives? Let’s talk and discover! Peace, Pastor Dave



Reading: Matthew 11:1-6 Dear Friends, Disappointed. Disappointed with life.  The circumstances.  How nothing is going right.  Disappointed with God.  Ever been there?  Wondering where God is or why he is doing or not doing whatever it is that’s impacting you.  In today’s reading John expresses such disappointment.  And Jesus’ answer?  Well, it is  encouraging and perspective broadening.  Let’s talk about it. Peace, Pastor Dave

Humble Authority

Reading: Matthew 3:1-17 Dear Friends, Jesus has some incredible endorsements in  chapter three.  John the Baptist, God the Spirit and God the Father all speak quite highly of him.  And yet, Jesus does something incredible here in these verses.  He humbles himself, submits to something that he really doesn’t need to.  He does this so […]

My Response

Reading: Matthew 2:1-12,16 Dear Friends, How do you respond to Jesus?  Seriously!?  If someone asked you about Jesus and what it means to follow him – what would you say?  The gospel of Matthew tells us a whole lot about who Jesus is.  Chapter two shows us how to respond to Him.  Or at least three possible  responses.  So today let’s […]

Two Authorities

Readings: Psalm 2 & Matthew 2:1-7 Dear Friends, There are three characters in the first two verses from our reading.  One of them is NOT a king.  One of them is A king.  One of them is THE King (King of Kings and Lord of Lords actually). Today we will look at all three and the authority that […]