Sermons from February 2017

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Hidden And Secret?

Reading: Matthew 11:20-30 Dear Friends, It looks like, sounds like and feels like one of those “tough sayings.”  But when we take on the context, we learn that the kingdom of God isn’t so secret. And it’s not so hidden.  In fact, it’s quite open and out-there for all to see.  Today we’ll talk about […]

Authority Shared

Reading: Matthew 9:35-10:4 Today we will have a chance to see four parts to missionary work.  It’s all about Jesus  sharing his authority with others so that the kingdom of God can be expanded.  But none of that is the most important or starting point for missionary work.  The starting point is in the “why?” […]

Which Is Easier?

Reading:  Matthew 9:1-8 Dear Friends, Big problems need big solutions.  That’s why Jesus shows authority over the greatest problem we’ll ever have.  What’s interesting is that we don’t often think of it as our greatest problem and just as often don’t think of Him as the solution to our problem.  Let’s   rejoice today – not […]

Authority In Action

Reading:  Matthew 8:18-27 Dear Friends, What a great story this is! The wind and the waves obey him.  Do we?  Today we will hear from three characters that were there the day Jesus calmed the storm.  As we do that it’s an opportunity for us to consider who is this man, Jesus?  And how do […]